Understanding and Responding to Our Polarized Politics: A Christian Perspective.

Fall 2019

Sunday November 3rd. 3pm Schambaugh Auditorium

Understanding and Responding to Our Polarized Politics: A Christian Perspective. Geneva Campus Ministry presents University of Iowa Associate Professor Cary Covington. Join us for a lecture on how the church and Christians can engage amid strife and conflict in our culture.
Located at Shambaugh Auditorium, University of Iowa Main Library. 125 W Washington St, Iowa City, IA 52240

Read Professor Covington's work:

  • The Coalitional Presidency, Dorsey Press (with L. Seligman, 1989).

  • “Comparing Floor-Dominated and Party-Dominated Explanations of Policy Change in the House of Representatives,” Journal of Politics (with A. Bargen, 2004).

  • “A ‘Presidency-Augmented’ Model of Presidential Success on House Roll Call Votes,” American Journal of Political Science (with J. M. Wrighton and R. Kinney, 1995).

Since 1976, Geneva has brought over seventy accomplished Christian scholars, writers, artists, and practitioners in a wide variety of fields to speak on campus each semester. In addition to their public lecture for a general audience, many of our speakers offer a specialized seminar in their field of expertise, co-sponsored by the University of Iowa department in that field. We also occasionally offer follow-up activities and clusters of events related to our speakers. All lectures are free and open to the public.


Some of our noted speakers have included Bryan Stevenson, NT Wright, William Lane Craig, Richard Mouw, Marilynne Robinson, Makoto Fujimura, Madeliene L'Engle, Sir John Polkinghorne, Tony Campolo, and Calvin DeWitt. 


Featured below are some videos of our most recent lectures. See more videos HERE.

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